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Why You Should Hire a Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Since nearly every service and business deals with data, data management plays a key role in business growth. It helps when businesses come up with effective strategies to bring powerful plans into life. With this, they can opt to work with a data entry virtual assistant at their service. Join this trend of entrusting your data entry tasks to reliable experts in this field and know how it can boost your business in no time.

What is a Data Entry VA?

A data entry virtual assistant is tasked to enter or update data in a computer system database or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. They ensure data accuracy, handle data entry work overflows, and maintain databases.

Further, read on for the various tasks, duties, and skills of a data entry VA.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a data entry clerk?

Here’s a list of some of the tasks you can assign to your VA:

  • Prepare, compile, sort out, and present data in required formats
  • Enter new details on sales leads and create new user profiles
  • Maintain records of tasks and activities
  • Check, update, correct, or delete files
  • Update medical files and records
  • Log billing details for customers
  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Keep CRM up-to-date
  • Manage data flow

What skills are needed for data entry jobs?

  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Can work individually or as part of a team
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic research and data collection skills
  • Typing skills and transcription
  • Computer and technical skills
  • Phone skills and etiquette
  • Multitasking skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Reports generation
  • Customer service
  • Confidentiality
  • Order entry
  • QuickBooks
  • PeopleSoft
  • MS Office

Why Hire a Data Entry VA

A female data entry virtual assistant working on her desktop computer

Doing various data entry tasks takes a lot of time, money, and effort. It requires skilled staff, costly resources, and other operational fees. Yes, opting for an in-house data entry assistant may help you save time. But still, hiring full-time, regular staff for your data needs may cost you more. Unlike full-time employees, data entry VAs are paid hourly, based on the project tasks and time frame. To your advantage, hiring VAs lets you be more flexible with your budget and get more out of what you pay for.

With all these, you must study how and why you must work with a data entry VA and how it will impact your business.

Now, what’s in it for you? Reap these benefits of hiring data entry services:

1. Save more in overhead costs.

Yes, you can hire a data entry VA for a lower cost than hiring full-time, in-house staff. With the flexible rates VA firms offer, you can find the best deals for your data entry needs. Add to this the fact that you need not provide staff benefits, office space, supplies, and other operational fees. That said, you can put more of your time and resources into other tasks and operations that are also vital to the growth of your business.

2. Free your staff from dull tasks.

Instead of having your full-time employees do data entry, let them focus on more pressing matters and tasks for your business. Also, the volume of data entry tasks tends to fluctuate, so it might not be the best idea to hire a regular employee for these.

3. Expect cost-effective productivity.

Do you have a lot of data entry tasks to fill up 40 hours a week? If not, then you’re better off outsourcing them to a trusted VA company. Working with dedicated staff for your project-based tasks can help fast-track your business processes. Also, ensure error-free data when you outsource your tasks to VAs. Last, freeing your in-house staff from mundane tasks also means boosting their overall creativity and productivity.

4. Be more open to strategic advantage.

Since you can free your staff from dull tasks, save overhead costs, and expect increased work efficiency, hiring data entry services may help pave the way for more time for your main business strategies and plans.

Working with the Top Virtual Assistant Company

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We have a team of expert virtual assistants equipped with extensive training, ready to assist you on your overflowing tasks. Hire our data entry virtual assistant services now and improve your overall business process through the help of our expert VAs! You may also browse through our other VA services or contact us for more details.

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Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Assistants

Despite having been thrown around in the business arena for quite a while, virtual assistants remain unknown to many—and their roles often misunderstood. If you’re a business owner or wishing to put up a venture soon, don’t waste your time asking, “What is a VA?” Instead, follow suit as getting virtual assistance has started gaining ground.

Let’s introduce virtual assistance, an integral part of doing business these days. Read on to find out more about virtual assistant or VA and other related matters.

What is a VA?

Despite having modern technology working to ease or improve business processes, some schemes and tasks remain complex, especially for those with limited resources. Thanks to VAs, today’s business managers find an ally in fulfilling their duties while achieving their goals.

What is a Virtual Assistant? Who Do We Call Virtual Assistants?

Investopedia defines virtual assistant as “an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.” He or she may be working from home or in an office setting.

A business owner contemplating what is a va

What Does a VA Do?

As the term suggests, a virtual assistant is someone who takes on various jobs that secretaries and clerks typically do. Their duties include, but are not limited to the following common tasks:

  • Make phone calls
  • Manage emails
  • Maintain a calendar
  • Schedule appointments
  • Set up meetings
  • Handle billing and accounting
  • File documents
  • Conduct surveys
  • Book travels
  • Create presentations
  • Perform data cleaning
  • Order food and supplies
  • Do online research
  • Provide customer service

As industries thrive and customer demands increase with the passage of time, the need to fulfill many other tasks arises. Hence, businesses seek VAs that can perform any of these specialized tasks tailored to their needs:

  • Write optimized contents
  • Create multimedia contents
  • Conduct market research
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Generate custom reports
  • Launch PPC marketing campaigns

How to Become a VA?

Like other pros, virtual assistants (and those aspiring to become a VA) need to possess certain qualifications to hold the job—and endure the challenges that come with it. Below are the requirements one needs to meet:

Education and Training

A certain college degree isn’t required to get a job as a virtual assistant. However, courses in computer, business, and management will surely help in mastering the basics of VA’s tasks. What help improve VAs’ basic skills are virtual assistance training programs. Hence, as a client, you might require VAs to enter a training program or have a training certificate first before hiring them.

Soft Skills

Innate or acquired through trainings, VA’s skills determine how well he or she can perform various assigned tasks. So, what skills does a virtual assistant need to possess? The required soft skills may include, but are not limited to the following: multitasking, time management, oral and written communication, attention to detail, and organization.

Technical Skills

Besides working via Internet, the jobs of a VA mostly require technical knowledge and skills. Thus, familiarity with emails, word processing programs, spreadsheets, and online meeting software is truly an edge. Likewise, you can expect your VA to be good at typing and using office tools such as phones, scanners, and fax machine.

Special Skills

As for special skills, one can begin a career in this field even without special skills yet. These are a skillset crucial in the success of a business from a certain field. For example, if you’re in the real estate industry, sure you’d prefer having a VA with background in real estate, so it’ll be easy for the both of you to fulfill your business goals.


If you are to hire freelance VA pros, be careful in assessing their resume. Get to know them and their traits and values by reading the profile summary section. Ensure to hire reliable, creative, resourceful, driven, and disciplined people. Further, it’s better to have someone who has passion for continuous learning.

A manager talking to a virtual assistant after getting the best answer on what is a va

On Hiring Virtual Assistants

Still having second thoughts about hiring a VA? We’ll help you decide.

Why Hire Them?

  • Savings. This is the ultimate perk that you’ll enjoy upon getting a VA or a team of VAs to work on your behalf. You don’t just reduce the labor costs and benefits linked to employment but also get huge savings because you don’t have to buy tools and equipment.
  • Access to a pool of talents. You may have limited manpower that could hamper your growth as a team. But with other pros having new sets of skills and knowledge that work to complete your tasks, you’re getting closer to reaching your goals.
  • Focus on other tasks. While VAs fulfill some of your projects and tasks, you’re given with ample time to work on your core duties. This gives you a chance to improve other crucial business aspects, such as operation and process.

How to Hire a VA

Here’s how you’ll get started:

  1. Prepare a list of tasks you’d want to delegate. Be sure not to compromise data privacy.
  2. Describe the scope of VA jobs. Be specific.
  3. Determine the length of the project, as well as the duration of each task.
  4. Set realistic expectations.
  5. Create solid systems. Document your process.
  6. Look for a VA or a team of VAs to hire. Use your network to narrow down choices. Inquire.
  7. Interview the person or team.
  8. Set up a test run. If possible, start on a trial basis. Ensure that the efficiency of the VAs, tools, and process meet your expectations.
  9. Prepare to sign a contract.

Reminder: Don’t hire a VA until you’re ready. Ponder on many factors.

Now, if you’re convinced hiring a virtual assistant is your best option, act now! The time is ticking; no more time to ask, “What is a VA?” or “How will it impact your business?”

Top VA for Hire offers some of the most sought-after VA services to provide you with the best business solutions. Contact us now and get free consultation.

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5 Signs You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant Now

Starting your own business gives you lots of perks. You work at your own time, acquire assets, call the shots, and so on. And this puts more weight on you. One survey from the New York Enterprise report found that startup and small business owners work twice as much as regular employees. While their staff follows a standard 40-hour workweek, the boss spends an average of 50 to 60 hours per week to improve the return on investments.

Does it sound like your own story? If you’re drowning in workload, it’s normal. But if you love your “me time” as much as you love your business, hiring virtual assistant is key to bringing success to your business.

Why You Should Be Hiring Virtual Assistant Now

Small business owner thinking of hiring a virtual assistant

1. Your email and calendar are in total chaos.

Do your unread emails seem endless? Do you keep missing meetings and deadlines? If you’re not hitting your goals or forgetting birthdays and special occasions because your schedule is just a mess, hiring a VA can help solve your problem.

2. You need to have over 24 hours daily to finish your tasks.

Do you wish you can divide yourself into two or more to focus and finish all your pending tasks? If 24 hours in a day is not enough to oversee your business, manage your staff, and take care yourself, hiring a virtual assistant will help.

3. You and your staff don’t have the skills your business needs.

Does month-end statements and invoices drain your energy? If balancing numbers, keeping records, and breaking down expenses aren’t your forte, hiring a bookkeeper or accountant to track and manage your books is definitely a must.

4. You’re preparing to expand your business.

Are you ready to venture into a new field or service? You need to prepare three things: systems, cash, and people. And when it comes to adding people to your team, you should start looking for the one that can help you scale. Determine first the most essential role and choose the one with experience but won’t break the bank.

5. You’re always tired and stressed.

Do you often get sick? Planning a vacation but can’t find the right timing? If you need to rest but your workload won’t allow you, then it’s time to call a backup—hire a VA now.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant from Top VA for Hire

Man searching how to hire a virtual assistant

Top VA for Hire offers topnotch virtual assistant services to every business in the US. To make the process easier for you, here’s a 4-step guide in hiring virtual assistant from us.

1. Choose from our wide range of VA services.

– Administrative VA
– Data Entry
– Customer Service
– Social Media Marketing
– Content Writing
– Accounting and Bookkeeping
– Digital Marketing
– Market Research
– Multimedia Design

2. Fill in our inquiry form.

Tell us your business goals, the tasks and skills you need, and specific requests. After knowing your needs, we’ll create a customized proposal to help you meet your business needs.

3. Start of hiring and training VA/s.

With your supervision, we’ll find dedicated and fitting staff for your business needs. They will undergo intensive and custom training using your method as you see fit to ensure they pass the quality you need.

4. Monitor and maintain quality of service.

After the training, you can now leave the tedious task of monitoring the quality of service and managing your offshore team. You now have more time to focus on your core tasks as the boss and free time for yourself.

Ready to take some burden off your shoulders? Hire a virtual assistant today.

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