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frequently asked virtual assistant questions

VA Services

Topnotch VA or Top VA vows to give our clients first-rate virtual assistance services. Thus, we make sure each of our VAs has extensive experience in his or her task. First, we ensure that you will work only with professionals who have verifiable records. Second, our tailored system focuses not only on skills but also on compatibility. We will give you a positive match—a virtual assistant who is keen about your business.

Our HR team and project managers work together to facilitate the tough recruitment of VAs and delegating the tasks to them. This helps us pool expert VA teams dedicated to doing the tasks they do best. Further, this warrants excellent work quality. In the same way, our VAs are results-driven and intuitive. They suggest and give ideas to clients to improve delivery. Last, earning money is only secondary to us. Our real purpose is to network, promote teamwork, and build relationships with clients.
Virtual assistants or VAs are pros that have one or more of these skills: clerical, bookkeeping, social media, and more. Apart from these, they are adept at using digital platforms. By giving your tasks to a VA, you have more time to focus on the important aspects of your life. You can pay more attention to core business tasks, your family, yourself, and other priorities.
Recruitment is crucial to our business. We strive to connect you only with the best VA for the task. Our team exerts the best effort to assign a virtual assistant who has the skills you need and can work just for you on the date and time you have set.
First, we connect with you by phone to have a full grasp of your business and requirements. Then, we will recommend to you three virtual professionals with the right skills and personality. We will send their profiles for your review and meeting/interview. After these, you can choose the best VA that meets your need and preference.
We set no limit to the time or duration of your use per day or week. You can consume all the hours inclusive in your order throughout the month as you wish and need them.
We exert our best efforts to bring you top virtual assistant services. However, a VA’s work may not always meet your standards. In such a case, you can bring the issue to our Support Team or you can contact 310 492 9677.

VA Service Rates

The work quality of offshore-based and US-based VAs does not have a significant difference. These two differ only in their location and rate. We make sure every VA we assign to our clients are talented and well-trained in handling their tasks.
We use a personalized approach in assigning VAs to clients. So, it is important for us to understand your business needs first before you sign up with us. Connect with us, tell your needs, describe the job, and set a time for the call. Then, expect our rep to call and discuss with you the service and other procedures such as subscription and billing.
We will send you the invoice by email and you can pay by bank transfer, check, or credit card. After making your payment, we will send you an acknowledgment receipt.
Definitely, yes! Our team tracks the time consumed by your virtual assistant on your business/task through our online dashboard or project management system. You can log onto the dashboard and check how many hours he/she has used, so you can adjust your order accordingly.
We regret to say you cannot roll over your unused hours in the current month to the next month. Instead, we recommend that you choose the VA service that will best meet your demand and convenience.
Yes, you can have a VA change if the one you hired did not meet your expectations or has performed poorly. However, we urge you to orient your VA well before assigning him or her with any task. This deters performance and dissatisfaction issues that may arise if your VA has little or no understanding of the work. Read our Terms of Service to understand the conditions for VA service termination better.

VA Jobs

Our people are our best asset. We hire only talented virtual assistants who are zealous to learn, eager to grow, and keen to serve. Our least requirement for employment: a college degree and/or about three years of related work experience.
Our main concern is earning and keeping your trust and our dignity. Thus, we impose strict safety and privacy practices. You can understand better how we keep your personal details private when you go through our Privacy Policy.
Our Support Team works 24/7 to attend to clients’ needs. However, our VAs and employees go on two days off each week. Still, if clients have tasks that will require a VA to work on weekends/holidays, we can accommodate them. We just need to have a few days’ notice.
Our VAs may request for a leave of absence for sickness or other personal reasons. Topnotch VA, however, will not leave clients stranded. All our VAs have a backup in case any emergency occurs.

If you did not find the answer to your virtual assistant questions above, drop us a line to get our responses. We will be glad to satisfy your curiosity.

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