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Content Marketer

Attract, engage, and retain clients' target audience through your skills and expertise as a content marketer.

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Job Information

Content marketers are responsible for planning, creating, and publishing helpful content that will attract and convert potential consumers to customers, and then turn such customers into buyers. They teach people about a product or service they sell. In the same way, they understand how to place and promote content, so it can influence the widest audience and turn them into subscribers and repeat customers.

Job Brief

A content marketer can work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. He or she must be creative and passionate to drive change in the business through the use of technology. He/she is very familiar with the best search engine optimization or SEO trends and practices, website development, and social media marketing. Further, he or she is detail-oriented and good at project management. Also called social media marketer, he/she works with product designers, editors, and the sales team. The content manager oversees the work of the content marketer.

Job Responsibilities
  • Oversee content creation for various distribution channels such as social media sites, websites, blogs, videos, and more
  • Ensure content is compelling, constant, helpful, interesting, and raising audience’s awareness and meeting their needs
  • Know the latest SEO trends and changes in key search engines and alert and update the business about them
  • Manage both off- and on-page SEO analysis and execution
  • Improve organic search engine performance and set goals based on click through rates, conversions, and traffic
  • Conduct research and develop an understanding of the business’s industry and value proposition
  • Identify core objectives for the content
  • Create metrics and methods for measuring and reporting the effectiveness of the content
  • Build and manage business’s social media profiles and presence to expand online following on websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Perform other duties assigned by the senior content marketer, head of content, director of communications, or the employer
Job Qualifications
  • Substantial experience in content marketing, writing, blogging, and/or producing quality content
  • Interest and understanding of technology, equipment, and software
  • Highly conversant and knowledgeable in technological and digital processes
  • With personal, active, and mature social media presence
  • Outstanding communication skills both verbal and written
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • Good at multi-tasking, well-organized, able to finish assigned tasks
  • Able to relate well with consumers, coworkers, social media influencers, etc. and form meaningful relationships with them
  • Undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Journalism, Information Technology, or any related field and equivalent work experience

    Content Marketer
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