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Data Entry Clerk

Transcribe data, perform administrative tasks, and aid companies and businesses in focusing on their core responsibilities as a data entry clerk.

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Job Information

Data entry clerks or keyers add, verify, and edit electronic data. They use procedures such as typing and voice recording in doing their task. Part of their duties may include data validation, transcription, and preparation of materials for printing. Specific duties vary depending on employer’s requirements. They also scan and send documents by email. Proofreading skills, an eye for detail, and accuracy are their helpful qualities that ensure almost error-free outputs. Employers may pay by project, keystrokes per minute, per hour, or per word. Some earn by hourly basis. Jobs in this industry are typists, coders, encoders, transcribers, or word processors.

Job Brief

Ideal candidates for this job are computer savvy, detail-oriented, and fast typists. The data entry clerk may report to a manager or senior team member depending on the set-up created by the employer. It is a must to have understanding of data confidentiality rules. The company expects candidates to deliver accurate and updated data that are accessible through a database.

Job Responsibilities
  • Transfer data from paper (hard copy) to computer files or database systems using keyboards, data recorders, optical scanners, and other means
  • Key in data coming directly from customers
  • Create spreadsheets with large figures without errors
  • Validate data by comparing them with sources
  • Update existing data
  • Retrieve data from the database of electronic files as required
  • Perform regular backups to ensure data preservation
  • Sort and organize paperwork after keying data to avoid losing them
Job Qualifications
  • Proven experience as a data entry clerk
  • Fast typing skills
  • Excellent knowledge of tools and spreadsheets (MS Office Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of computer hardware, office equipment, and peripheral devices
  • Basic understanding of databases
  • Good command of the English language (both oral and written)
  • Keen attention to detail
  • High School diploma or equivalent work experience

    Data Entry Clerk
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