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Social Media Strategist

Help clients increase their brand awareness, broaden social network, and boost online presence with your competence as a social media strategist.

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Job Information

Social media strategists, also known as social media specialists, are responsible for planning and scheduling original content using the company’s marketing calendar for various networks. They focus on writing and posting appealing and creative content. Likewise, they generate social media marketing strategies that will boost customer engagement and brand awareness.

Job Brief

The successful candidate is an excellent communicator, resourceful writer, and team player. He/she interacts with directed virtual communities and network users. He/she also joins in relevant conversations on behalf of the brand and handles the “soft selling” of products or services by giving support to current and prospective customers. The social media strategist works closely with the social media manager and digital marketing team.

Job Responsibilities
  • Develop and execute social media tactics through competitive research, platform identification, benchmarking, messaging, and audience identification
  • Create, edit, publish, and share daily content that builds connections and encourages community members to take action
  • Set up and optimize company pages within each platform to increase the visibility of the company’s social media content
  • Moderate all user-generated content in line with the moderation policy for each community
  • Create and monitor editorial calendars
  • Manage a high volume of social media posts
  • Communicate with followers and respond to queries in a timely manner
  • Capture and assess the appropriate social data/metrics, insights, and best practices
  • Collaborate with other teams and departments (customer relations, sales, and others) to manage brand reputation, identify key players, and coordinate actions
Job Qualifications
  • Proven experience in social media marketing or SMM or digital media with solid consulting, writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation, and communication skills
  • Savvy in social networking, social analytics tools, web design, web development, conversion rate optimization or CRO, and search engine optimization or SEO
  • Knowledgeable in online marketing and major marketing channels
  • Multi-tasking and time management skills
  • Undergraduate degree in Journalism, Communications, Marketing, Business, New Media, or Public Relations

    Social Media Strategist
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