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Website maintenance points to the activities done to a platform to check its health and function. The work involves security updating, troubleshooting, adding of new material, encouragement of traffic growth, visitor satisfaction, and more. Whether it is an upgrade of a part of the website or a redesign, these actions are inevitable. In most cases, to do the upkeep, the site must be offline or taken offline for a few minutes.

We, at Top VA, offer web maintenance and use the best practices to build effective pages. Plus, we help brands attract and keep clients, as well as improve rankings in search engines such as Google. Turn to us for your web maintenance needs. We have able and hardworking virtual web assistants that can keep your site healthy and working well.

Partner with Topnotch VA

You can find the best virtual assistant service with no fuss, but telling the one you can count on and building a long-term relationship with is hard. Here’s why you are making the best choice when you hire a virtual assistant from Topnotch VA Corporation.

No Minimum Requirement

Have full control of your bill. Set the number of hours and virtual assistants you need in a month.

VA Replacement Guarantee

Get this privilege at no extra cost when the virtual assistant you chose cannot meet your demands.

Flexible VA Work Schedule

Hire a devoted, full-time virtual assistant on fixed work hours or on an as-needed basis in a month.

Cost Effective Rates

Earn value for your money. Track tasks you paid for and time spent in doing them with a free app.

Secured System

Feel safe with our full agreement to security rules and strict privacy methods to gain great outputs.

Professional Assistants

Hire VAs trained in problem detection and solution, adept management, and active communication.

What Clients Say About Our Best Virtual Assistant Services Company

I was impressed by the quality of staff offered to me. They’re all talented and well-versed in their tasks. I’ve never seen a more professional and exceptional VA hub. I highly recommend this company. As a matter of fact, I’m setting my sights on replacing my current developer and have Top VA for Hire help me find a new developer, too.

Shirley V.

Stop overthinking!


Hiring a virtual assistant from Top VA earns you a partnership that leads to rapid business growth.
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